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Cassandre Bolan

Cassandre Bolan is a world-traveling, jasmine tea-drinking, mismatched sock-wearing Illustrator who believes in painting what you believe. Her work spans trading cards, teen/adult book covers, concept art, and now children's books, but all of them have a common theme: we are all more similar than we are different.  


Cassandre describes herself as a feminist sci-fi/fantasy artist that "creates strong, diverse women in fantasy that inspire women in reality". Cassandre has been featured in ImagineFX magazine, is a 2014 winner of the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future contest, and has been awarded the prestigious Best-Inventor-of-Silly-Verses-for-The-Wheels-On-The-Bus-Go-Round-And-Round-Song by her son.


To see more of her work visit:

To connect and find out where she is living at the moment visit her on facebook at:

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